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 Learn German in Germany
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General German Course

Nuremberg is Bavaria's second largest city. Its heart lies within the 14th century defensive wall with a total of 80 towers.

Much of the center is pedestrian precinct. Timbered houses of the Middle Ages still stand intact in narrow streets and on open squares among shops, cafes and eating places.

The dominating feature is Kaiserburg - the old imperial castle. Worldwide known is the ?Christkindl Markt? ? the famous Christmas fair in December.

Learn German in Nuremberg

If you want to learn German in this beautiful city we recommend you the

Language School in Nuremberg. The did Deutsch Institut is centrally located and offers junior students an interesting German programm with a wide variety of leisure-time activities, sports and sightseeing. The whole course is supervised and perfectly organised by the ambitious "did school team". In this junior programm tuition and full-day activities and excursions go hand in hand. The children and teenagers find here always something to do.

The young participants stay with experienced host families in double rooms with full-board. Each family just takes one student in order to guarantee full attention. Most families live in peaceful and quiet neighborhoods in Nuremberg. If parents would like to stay in the city as well we can organise a host family for the student and parents. There is also the option to book a Hotel in Nuremberg or an individual appartment.

Learning German is still very popular all around the world since it remains one of the most important languages on the globe. Germanys strong economy, itīs central location and its role as predominant language in contental Europe are just some good reasons to learn German. More than 120 Million people in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg, as well as parts of Northern Italy, Belgium and Eastern France speak it. From the business and cultural perspective German is still a very important language for classical literature, art and music.