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Working in Germany

How to find a student job in Germany

Work in Germany

Finding a part time job is generally not difficult as German university system is based on a flexible schedule. As a student you do not even need a work permit.

However, the amount of time you are allowed to work is strictly limited to 90 days per year. In some federal states, you are only allowed to work during vacation.

Universities often help with organising appropriate internships (i.e. magazine internships for media studies), esp. during summer vacation. Vacancies are promoted on newspaper websites, via student unions or directly via university. Many corporate websites feature a job section, too.

Note: Some language schools offer a combination of language course and internship!

Working fulltime

If you plan to work in Germany you will need to get a work permit and a residence permit. If you are an EU national these permits are not difficult to obtain, although the process is somewhat time consuming. If you come from a country outside EU it is best to contact a local embassy or check with "Auswärtiges Amt". It might be a good idea to apply for a job from your home country as your company will probably assist you in organising your stay.

Again, job vacancies are published in daily newspapers, usually the weekend edition has a special job section. There are quite a few online career portals.